SKC Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks

Salish Kootenai College maintains policies, procedures, handbooks, and related documents. Policies and procedures assist the College to accomplish its mission, maintain accountability, provide clear and concise guidelines for employees, students, and other stakeholders, and clarify how the College does business. Handbooks and other documents provided on this page also clarify organizational processes.

This website contains the most current approved version of all college policies and procedures.  The documents on the SKC Policies, Procedures, and Manuals website constitute the only official college-wide policies for Salish Kootenai College.


A policy is a statement of intent adopted by the SKC Board of Directors. Policies provide the operational framework within which the institution functions, and provide the formal guidance needed to coordinate and execute activity throughout the institution.


A procedure articulates the methods and operational processes used to implement policies in the day-to-day operations of the College. While policies articulate the “what” the institution does operationally, procedures articulate the “how” it intends to carry out policies. Procedures may be specific to a department or applicable across the entire institution. Institutional procedures are approved by the SKC Leadership Team and are periodically reviewed and revised.


A handbook is a set of documents that may contain or reference a number of policies and procedures covering pertinent rules, guidelines, or other information covering a specific operational or functional area of the institution. Examples include the Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook. Handbooks contain information on pertinent policies, rules, or other information. Handbooks are developed by the appropriate department or discipline area, are reviewed by the Leadership Team, and are periodically reviewed and updated by the appropriate department/discipline and the Leadership Team.

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