Mandatory or Permissive Dismissal

Mandatory dismissal of the complaint must occur when it is determined in the course of the investigation that allegation in a formal complaint: (1) did not occur in SKC’s program or activity; (2) did not constitute sexual harassment as defined; or (3) did not occur against a person within the U.S.  Both parties must receive written notice of a mandatory dismissal and reasons.

Permissive dismissal of the complaint may occur at any time during the investigation or hearing when: (1) a complainant notifies the Title IX Coordinator in writing that they would like to withdraw; or (2) the respondent is no longer enrolled or employed by SKC; or (3) specific circumstances prevent SKC from gathering evidence sufficient to reach a determination.  Both parties must receive written notice of a permissive dismissal and reasons. 

SKC may still address allegations of misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct.

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