Recordkeeping Protocol

SKC will document all reports and complaints of sex discrimination and provide copies of those reports to the Title IX Coordinator. SKC Title IX Office will maintain a secured electronic file system of all Title IX cases, reports, and complaints by academic year. The cases will include all information related to the individual case, which includes but is not limited to the initial complaint, letters sent to all parties, response from the respondent, immediate assistance, investigation notes, mediation agreement if applicable, notice of a hearing, committee selection, hearing notes, hearing decision, written notice of the outcome, and any recordings made of the hearing or in the course of the investigation. The time period to maintain the case records will be no less than seven (7) years from the date of SKC’s final action or decision (whether through report of the investigation, mediation, or hearing). The confidential reporting of the number of incidents and types will be sent to SKC Security for the preparation of the Annual Crimes Report.

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