Written Notice of Complaint

Upon receipt of a formal complaint, SKC will provide written notice to all known parties in sufficient time to give the respondent time to prepare a response before an initial interview.  Written notice includes:

  1. Notice of the grievance process, including any informal resolution process;
  2. Notice of the allegations, including sufficient detail (i.e., names of known parties, the conduct alleged to be sexual harassment, and the date and location of the conduct, if known) to allow the respondent to prepare a response;
  3. A statement that the respondent is presumed not responsible for the conduct and that responsibility will be determined at the conclusion of the grievance process;
  4. Notice of the parties’ right to have an advisor (who may be, but is not required to be, an attorney) and to inspect and review evidence; and
  5. Notice that knowingly making false statements or providing false information in the grievance process is a violation of the code of conduct and subject to disciplinary action.
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