1. Mandatory Reporting
    All SKC employees are responsible for taking all appropriate action to prevent sex discrimination or sexual harassment, to correct it when it occurs, and must promptly report it to the Title IX Coordinator. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. All SKC employees are considered responsible employees with a duty to report any incident to the Title IX Coordinator.
  2. Confidential Reporting
    Resources are available through Montana Family Violence Prevention. Family Violence Prevention staff, counselors, victims’ advocates are available to speak with any person who wishes to report an incident and remain anonymous. All forms of sexual harassment should be reported, no matter the severity. In addition, SKC should be made aware of possible threats to the campus community in order to issue timely warnings.
  3. Reporting to the Police
    SKC strongly encourages anyone to report sexual violence and any other criminal offenses to the police. This does not commit a person to prosecution, but will allow the gathering of information and evidence. The information and evidence preserve future options regarding criminal prosecution, College disciplinary actions and/or civil actions against the respondent.
    • If an incident happens, whether on campus or off campus, report the incident to 911. 
    • Reporting for Faculty and Staff (Non-Student) Instances: Faculty and staff shall report any instances of sexual harassment by another faculty or staff member to the Title IX Coordinator. As stated above, SKC also strongly encourages reporting any instances to the police.
    • Employee Obligation to Report (Student Instances): In compliance with Title IX, employees who become aware of a student instance of sexual harassment shall immediately report such instance to the Title IX Coordinator, including the name of the persons involved.
  4. Reporting of Student Instances
    Students shall report any instances of sex discrimination or sexual harassment to any SKC employee and/or the Title IX Coordinator. A complaint should be filed as soon as possible. If either the complainant or the respondent is a student, the incident will be addressed through the Title IX process. The report can be made in person, by phone, mail, or email using the contact information listed for the Title IX Coordinator or by any other means that results in the Coordinator receiving the report.  The report can be made any time, even during non-business hours. 

After receiving a report or notice of an incident, the Title IX Coordinator will promptly contact the complainant confidentially to discuss the availability of supportive measures, consider the complainant’s wishes with respect to supportive measures, inform the complainant of the availability of supportive measures with or without the filing of a formal complaint, and explain to the complainant the process for filing a formal complaint. A complainant’s wishes with respect to whether the SKC investigates should be respected unless the Title IX Coordinator determines that signing a formal complaint to initiate an investigation over the wishes of the complainant is not clearly unreasonable in light of the known circumstances.

SKC will promptly take necessary steps to protect the complainant and ensure safety as necessary, including taking interim steps before the final outcome of any investigation once a report or knowledge of sex discrimination or sexual harassment has occurred. Periodic updates on the status of the investigation will be provided to the complainant. If the school determines that the sexual violence occurred, SKC will continue to take these steps to protect the complainant and ensure his or her safety, as necessary. SKC will provide the complainant with any available resources, such as victim advocacy, housing assistance, academic support, counseling, disability services, health and mental health services, legal assistance, and assistance in reporting a crime to local law enforcement. 

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