111.00 Ethical Conduct

  1. Board members are prohibited from engaging in business with the College as a contractor or as a full time employee.
    1. Board members seeking employment with SKC must resign their Board seat prior to submitting an application for employment to the SKC Personnel Office
      1. Contractor is a person that submits a bid for service when the College advertises for bids.
      2. Board members can receive an honorarium for lectures, workshops, special jobs, and serving facilitators on a one-time basis.
    2. Board members are prohibited from being employed by the College.
    3. Board members are prohibited from serving as paid consultants for the College.
  2. The Board acts only as a committee of the whole; no member or subcommittee of the Board acts on behalf of the Board except by formal delegation of authority by the governing Board as a whole.
    1. Board members will recognize the lack of legal authority in any individual Board member when interacting with the President or with college employees, except when explicitly authorized by the Board.
    2. Board members will recognize the same limitation and the similar inability of any Board member or Board members to speak for the Board in interaction with the public, press, or other entities.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003
Revised: 8/21/13, 1/26/18, 3/17/2023
Reviewed: 4/2015, 5/2020, 3/2023

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