390.00 Grants

  1. Purpose
    This policy directs college employees in the submission and management of federal, state, private, and other grants. All grants are managed and overseen in a uniform manner and incompliance with the applicable tribal, federal, and state regulations as well as the terms and conditions of each award.Grantee Responsibilities
  2. All employees who apply for and/or receive grants must follow the provisions of the Grants and Contracts Manual that provides specific procedures for grant submission, approval, and management. Employees must seek approval prior to submission of a grant application to a funding agency or entity. Upon notice of funding, the Primary Investigatory (PI) must notify the Office of Grants and Contracts, which will assist with the final budget approval, any sub-awards, procurements, or sub-contracts, and monitor for regulatory compliance.

    The grant PI is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the grant. As such, the PI is responsible for the following: managing the grant budget according to the approved budget and seeking approval for any grant amendments needed; providing time and effort reporting; providing program deliverables and activities according to the approved grant narrative; submitting reports in a timely manner; and maintaining communication with the funding agency or entity. Other PI responsibilities are provided in the Grants and Contracts Manual.

    All grant funds awarded to or flowing through SKC shall be managed, performed, accounted for, and compliant with the applicable standards set forth in 2 CFR Part 200.


Adopted: 4/13/2016
Revised:  12/18/2020

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