222.00 Faculty

The college faculty is central to the fulfillment of the SKC College Mission.

Faculty Members

A full time faculty member’s primary work directly involves student learning and academic program content and delivery. Position responsibilities are defined by the faculty position description, and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Conditions of employment will be set forth in the offer letter of employment. Faculty positions are paid a salaried rate and are exempt from overtime compensation.

Department Chairs

Each academic department designates one of its full-time faculty members as Department Chair. The process for designation will be determined inter-departmentally with full participation by all department faculty, and where appropriate, the Division Dean as described in the Faculty Handbook. The Vice President of Academic Affairs must approve the Department Chair position.  Some department chairs maybe hired by the institution.

Division Deans

When departments are formed under a division, the process for selection of the Dean will be determined with full participation by department faculty and the Vice President of Academic Affairs as described in the Faculty Handbook.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003
Revised: 8/21/13, 6/21/2019
Reviewed: 9/2016; 5/2020

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