254.50 Sabbatical Leave

Administration as defined in Section 220.00; Instructional Staff as defined in Section 222.00; and Non Teaching Faculty as defined in Section 222.10 shall be eligible for sabbatical leave in accordance with the following sabbatical leave provisions:

  1. Full-time employees will become eligible for sabbatical leave upon completion of five (5) consecutive years of employment at the College.
  2. Compensation during sabbatical leave will be negotiated with the Board.
  3. Upon returning to the SKC campus, the employee will submit a report to the President and the Board concerning the value of leave to him/her.
  4. The purpose of the leave should be to study, travel, research, write or rest designed to improve the faculty/administrator’s professional and vocational ability.
  5. The applicant must submit a plan outlining the purpose of the sabbatical leave and how the time will be spent.
  6.  Sabbatical leave time may not exceed 30 months.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003
Revised: 8/21/13
Reviewed 10/2017, 8/2020

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