310.20 Use of College Owned Property

In maintaining the resources necessary to have an adequate learning environment for students, it is necessary for the college to utilize its resources prudently.  It is important for the college to maintain a positive image in the community by using its resources prudently.   Employees show respect for the college by not using college owned property for personal use. Discipline for violation of this policy will be in accordance with Policy 261.00.

  1. Use of Machines, Vehicles, and Equipment

College owned and leased equipment and vehicles are to be utilized for college work and business.  Incidental use is permitted, provided the use does not result in additional cost to the college.  Any use that is more than incidental must have the approval of the administration. 

  • Use of College Owned Telephones

College owned telephones including cell phones are assigned to employees to assist them in doing their jobs.  Incidental use of telephone for personal use is permitted if:

a.         Use of telephones does not interfere with work to be accomplished or tie up telephone lines for long periods of time, or:

b.         Use of telephones does not burden the college with additional cost.  When personal use of the telephones costs more then regular monthly fees, payment needs to be reimbursed to the college promptly.

c.         Phone logs will be audited regularly to ensure that no unauthorized use has occurred.

  1. College owned telephones are not to be used for harassment, pornography, on-line games, unauthorized political endeavors, or off colored jokes.

3.        Use of Fax Machines and Copiers

          Fax machines and copiers are for college use.  Incidental personal use is permitted if:

  1. Use of fax machines does not tie up telephone lines and prohibit use by employees for college purposes, and does not cause additional cost for operating the fax.
  2. Use of copiers is not excessive and consumes excessive amounts of copy paper.

4.Use of College-Owned Computer Systems.

  1. College-owned computer systems assigned to employee positions are to be used predominately to accomplish the tasks assigned to that position.
    1. College-owned computer systems available to students are provided to support assignments.  E-mail is intended to be used for student-instructor communication and for student-to-student communication.  Internet access is intended to support the student’s academic assignments and learning.
    1. Incidental use of College-owned computer systems for personal purposes is permitted if:
  2. Use occurs outside of the employee’s work schedule.
  3. Use does not interfere with work being performed by another employee;
  4. Use is not for pay or profit;
  5. Use does not consume excessive supplies.
  6. Use does not violate software-licensing agreements.
  7. Use is not for harassment, pornography, on-line games, unauthorized political endeavors, or off colored jokes.
  8. Use of College-owned computers to produce a product (e.g., document, program, etc.) qualifies the product for inclusion under the College’s intellectual property rights policy.
  9.  E-mail communications are not private.  Users should not put anything in e-mail that they would not publicly disclose. The College reserves the right to monitor, inspect, and view employee e-mail messages on College owned e-mail communication and Internet use at any given time. Authorized personnel from the Information Technology Department will conduct this procedure per request from Chief Administration.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003


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