705.00 Incident Management and Recovery

  1. Salish Kootenai College (SKC) is committed to ensuring continuation of essential functions for students, faculty and staff through an effective and comprehensive program of incident management and recovery. The purpose of this policy is to enable a rapid, coordinated and effective response to an interruption to normal activities and the recovery of SKC’s critical activities. In the event of a major incident or disaster that compromises operational function, SKC’s highest priorities will be health and safety of individuals, continuity of operations, preservation of facilities, and safeguard from financial loss.  

    It is the responsibility of each faculty and staff member to know their role in an emergency, have read the Emergency Response Plan, know the identity of their Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC), and participate in trainings, drills and other emergency preparations as required by college administration.
  2. Emergency Conditions  
    SKC will attempt to provide for the continuity of operations in the event of emergency conditions. Plans should not be restricted to the loss of critical automated systems. The following possible interruptions, at a minimum, must be considered in developing plans:
    1. Natural disasters (hurricane, blizzard, earthquake)
    2. Loss of personnel (pandemic)
    3. Loss of critical infrastructure and support (central IT services, flood, fire)
    4. Major disruption of campus community (hostile intruder, mass casualties)
    5. Neighboring hazards (e.g. chemical spill on highway)
    6. Loss of buildings, utilities or automated systems (HVAC, water, gas, electricity)
  3. Scope and Process
    This policy and related procedures pertain to general campus operations. Additionally, the following units will maintain separate and specific recovery procedures: Information Technology, D’Arcy McNickle Library, Business Office, Enrollment Services and Financial Aid, and Student Housing Procedures will be reviewed at least biennially. Periodic exercises will be conducted as needed to test preparation for emergencies and emergency response.

    In the event of a campus emergency or disaster, the SKC President or individual designated by the President, will be the only individual authorized to represent the College to the media, the campus community, or the public. This includes all social media.

    An Incident Action Plan will be developed for the specific incident, considering the extent and length of response required, and the specific type of incident. The President will direct the Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) to maintain functions as detailed in Incident Management and Recovery Procedures.

    In the event of an incident reported to the President, or a disaster as defined below, which requires a coordinated response, the SKC President or individual designated by the Presidentwill assemble the CERT.  Individual personnel may be temporarily reassigned to perform emergency work as needed for emergency management and recovery of college operations.
  4. Incident Operations
    SKC shall utilize the Incident Command System (ICS) for organization and operation of emergency events. SKC shall maintain an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to guide the emergency management system for the College. The CERT Team shall be the mechanism for SKC Administration to manage the operational components of the response.

    The responsibilities of the CERT include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Determine the level of emergency and its impact. Decide the necessary level of response required to manage the emergency;
    2. Activate an Emergency Operations Center if required;
    3. Exercise control over Emergency Operations as required;
    4. Coordinate the release of all official information and instructions to faculty, staff, students, and the public;
    5. Provide coordination of Recovery Operations as needed.
  5. Building Emergency Coordinators
    The CERT will utilize an organized Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) structure for incident-specific actions within SKC facilities. Each building will have the appropriate number of trained BECs that will act in accordance with the SKC EOP and CERT direction. SKC employees shall follow the guidance and direction of BECs during incident or exercise activities.

    BEC responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Communicating with building occupants and the CERT;
    2. Coordinating evacuation or shelter-in-place activities;
    3. Maintaining accountability for building occupants during an event.


Adopted: 7/17/13
Revised: 12/15/2020

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