237.50 Registered Violent and Sexual Offenders

The Salish Kootenai College Human Resources Office will maintain all pertinent information, including pictures and legal descriptions of all registered violent and sexual offenders who are employed as full-time, part-time, and emergency hires, along with full-time and part-time students and housing residents.

Employees may request the list of currently employed sexual and/or violent offenders and current enrolled student offenders from the SKC Security Department.

Individuals seeking to be hired at SKC for a full-time or part-time position must notify the Human Resources Officer of the individual’s status as a registered violent and/or sexual offender. Prior to hire, the Employment Review Committee will review each case per the established procedure, and decide if it is appropriate for the registered sexual or violent offender to be hired at SKC. The Committee will recommend to the President any restrictions to the individual employee’s activities or presence on campus. Any such restriction(s) will be provided in writing to the employee with a copy placed in the employee’s file in the Human Resources Office.

Employees who are convicted of crime(s) leading to placement on the registration as a sexual or violent offender must notify the President within five days of conviction.


Adopted: January 2011
Revised: 8/21/13; 12/18/2020
Reviewed 3/2017

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