308.30 Per Diem


Reimbursement for lodging will be at the Federal Government per diem rate.  Lodging may be reimbursed at the actual confirmed rate, plus tax with prior approval.  Receipts must be attached to the employee’s Trip Report.  Lodging rates may be different based on the funding source of the travel.


Expenses for meals will be reimbursed for business travel at the Federal Government per diem rate. Per diem will not be paid for any meals included at the event or meeting.  If an employee is unable to eat the food provided on travel, all receipts must be turned in to the SKC business office to receive payment or reimbursement.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003
Reviewed: 8/2020
Revised: 9/17/08, 4/27/18

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