461.50 Policy Appeals

Graduate students seeking exceptions from established graduate policies such as admission, retention, or graduation requirements may do so by submitting a written appeal to the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Graduate students must notify the Graduate School that they are seeking an appeal. 

The appeal packet must include the following:

  • A letter from the graduate student stating the policy or decision that is being appealed and the reasons you believe the decision should be changed or policy be waived.
  • A letter from the graduate students Graduate Committee Chair stating either approval or disapproval of the appeal and reasons to support their decision.

The Dean of Graduate Studies will consult with the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services or the Vice President of Academic Affairs as appropriate. The Dean of Graduate Studies will respond in writing to the student within ten (10) working days or provide written notice of the timeline for response if a delay is needed.

Appeal approval or denial will be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies.


Adopted: 4/16/2021

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