910.00 Fund Raising Policy

Fund raising at SKC is directed by the Foundation Office.  In this role, the Foundation Office is responsible for coordination of all approved fund raising activities conducted for the benefit of the College.  The approval of College fund-raising activities are handled by this office.  The coordination of fund raising must exist in order to avoid an excess of collections by campus units directed to any one potential funding source; to assure effective timing of our efforts; and to assure that the priorities of the College are being met.  This coordination function prevents duplication by College units and increases the possibility of success in discussion with donor(s).  The following guidelines have been adopted to ensure this coordinated approach to fund raising.

  1. Scope
    Programs that are to be coordinated by the Foundation Office include, but are not limited to:
    1. Annual giving from alumni and others via the Leadership Fund, various phonathons, direct mail and other methods.
    2. Capital campaigns and building campaigns.
    3. Deferred or planned giving programs (estate planning for the benefits of the College).
    4. Special projects or gifts (an example of this category might be art collections or a corporate gift of computers).
    5. Special efforts directed to various constituencies, targeted audiences and for special purposes.  (an example might be the Forestry Program soliciting a Scholarship Fund from Forestry graduates.)  NOTE:  All federal grants and contracts should be directed to the College and not the Foundation Office.
    6. Endowments
    7. Grantsmanships – except for Federal grants which should be directed to the College.
  2. Coordination
    The Foundation Office assumes full administrative responsibility for college wide and basic fund-raising efforts (i.e. Leadership Fund). Certain fund-raising efforts to targeted constituencies may be conducted jointly by the Foundation Office in an appropriate College area.
    In some cases, the fund raising will be accomplished by the area (example: Friends of the Library) but the general schedule and activity will be coordinated with the Foundation Office.
  3. Review
    1. Any literature that may be prepared to cultivate or solicit private funds by any department, school, or program is to be approved by the Foundation Office.  This is necessary to ensure a consistent quality image to our external communities.
    2. The Foundation Office has the responsibility for approving all public statements concerning gifts made to the Foundation Office of the College.
    3. The Foundation Office in coordination with the Office of the President, will determine the level of funding required to name projects, endow professorships, endow chairs, name scholarships, or other appropriate endeavors.
    4. For joint campaigns and special area campaigns, the Foundation Office will approve the time of the proposed campaign.
  4. D.   Record Keeping
    1. It is the responsibility of the Foundation Office to officially record and acknowledge all gifts made to the Foundation office, the College, or any other college agency.  Gifts to the College will be handled in accordance with all College and Federal policies and procedures with gift and donor information provided to the Foundation Office for purposes of record and acknowledgement.
    2. Wherever feasible, gifts should be directed to the Foundation Office and checks made payable to SKC.
    3. Information on in kind gifts should be provided to the Foundation Office for acknowledgment and recording.


Adopted: Policy has been in place prior to Sept. 2003
Revised: April 2004, 8/21/13

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